Frequently Asked Questions


Are our stores open to the public, to walk in?

Dublin store is open to the public 9-5, Donegal store is by appoinment only.


Do our prices include VAT?

Yes, all the prices on our website include VAT.


How long does delivery take?

If you select to pay cash on delivery or order something over 40kg, delivery may take up to one week.

If you pay by card when ordering and your order is below 40kg, it will be delivered next day by fastway.


Do I need a credit/debit card to place an order at our online store?

No. You can pay cash or bank draft to our delivery driver, you can pay by card online if you like


Do we issue invoices/VAT dockets?



Do we accept cheques?

Yes but they will need to clear in the bank before the order is dispatched.


What courier do we use for delivery?

We use our own delivery vans and fastway for smaller orders.


Is their warranty on items bought from our store?

Yes. Their is a 12 month warranty on all items bought in our store.


Do we deliver outside of Ireland?

No. We deliver to Ireland and Northern Ireland only.


Do we take Sterling and Euro?

Yes. Our prices are in Euro but we also accept sterling at the current going rate.


Any other questions please contact Kyle or Gerry:

By Email: sales@ige.ie

By Phone: 01 257 21 71

Mobile: 086 6668066