26 pc Timing Tool Set for Opel/Vauxhall GM

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  • 26 pc Timing Tool Set for Opel/Vauxhall GM
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Camshaft and crankshaft, removal and assembly of fuel injection pumps and water pumps and changing the timing belt.
Suitable for identical engines in Saab, Renault etc.
Diesel: 1.3 CDTi 16V , 1.9 CDTi , 2.0 DTi , 2.2 DTi 
Agila, Astra, Combo-C, Corsa, Frontera, Omega, Signum, Sintra, Tigra, Vectra, Zafira
Highly polished steel 
Hardened and tempered for maximum durability 
Knurled ends 
Supplied in blow moulded case


Petrol Engine Setting/Locking Kit - Vauxhall/Opel, Suzuki 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 - Chain Drive

Includes locking tools for 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 EcoTec/ecoFLEX (codes X and Z) chain engines.

Also includes the timing disc position gauge for the timing sensor on the inlet camshaft.

OEM(s): KM-952/09912-38310, KM-953/09919-58310, KM-954/09919-08310, KM-955/09919-58320, KM-6130

Suzuki: Wagon R (05-08)
Vauxhall/Opel: Agila (00-08), Astra-G (98-06), Astra G Classic II (03-10), Astra-H (04-11), Combo (04-12), Corsa-B (97-00), Corsa-C (00-07), Corsa-D (06-12), Meriva-A (04-10), Tigra-B (04-10)

Engine Codes:
1.0 12v: X10XE, Z10XE, Z10XEP
1.2 16v: X12XE, Z12XE, Z12XEP
1.4 16v/ecoFLEX: Z14XEL, Z14XEP


Diesel Engine Setting/Locking Kit - Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Ford, Lancia, Suzuki, Vauxhall/Opel 1.3D JTD(M)/TDCi/DDiS/CDTi 16v - Ch

 Suitable for timing the camshaft and crankshaft, on chain drive 1.3 diesel engines.

Set also includes a tensioner locking pin.

Alfa Romeo/Fiat/Lancia: 1.871.00.900
Citroen: 104-A, 0198-J
Ford: 303-1472
Peugeot: 104-A, 0198-J
Suzuki: 09912-38300, 09916-98610, 09917-68610
Vauxhall/Opel: EN-46781, EN-46785, KM-955

Alfa Romeo: MiTo (08-16)
Citroen: Nemo (10-16)
Fiat: 500 (07-16), Doblo/Cargo (04-10), Fiorino (08-16), Grande Punto (05-11), Idea (04-12), Linea (07-11), Panda (03-16), Punto (03-11), Punto Evo (09-14), Qubo (08-16)
Ford: Ka (09-15)
Lancia: Musa (04-13), Ypsilon (03-15)
Peugeot: Bipper (10-16)
Suzuki: Ignis (03-09), Splash (08-11), Swift (06-14), Wagon R+ (03-08)
Vauxhall/Opel: Agila (03-08), Agila-B (08-10), Astra-H (04-11), Astra-J (09-15), Combo-C (03-12), Corsa-C (03-12), Corsa-D (06-14), Meriva-A (04-10), Meriva-B (10-15), Tigra-B (04-10)

Engine Codes:
Alfa Romeo JTD Multijet: 199A3.000, 199B1.000
Citroen: F13DTE5 (FHZ)
Fiat JTD Multijet: 169A1.000, 188A8.000, 188A9.000, 199A2.000, 199A3.000, 199A9.000, 199B1.000, 199B2.000, 223A9.000
Ford TDCi: 169A1.000(FD4)
Lancia JTD Multijet: 188A9.000, 199A3.000, 199B1.000
Peugeot: (FHZ)F13DTE5
Suzuki DDiS: D13A, Z13DT, Z13DTJ, Z13DTJ Eco
Vauxhall/Opel CDTi: A13DTC, A13DTE, A13DTR, D13A, LDV/A13DTC, LSF/A13DTE, Y13DT, Y13DTH, Z13DT, Z13DTi, Z13DTH, Z13DTJ, Z13DTR


Diesel Engine Setting/Locking Kit - Vauxhall/Opel, Saab 1.9D CDTi/TiD/TTiD, 2.0D CDTi - Belt Drive

Suitable for timing belt replacement on Vauxhall/Opel and Saab vehicles fitted with 1.9D CDTi/TiD/TTiD or 2.0D CDTi engines.

Kit contains camshaft setting tools, crankshaft locking tool and tensioner pin.

OEM Tool(s): EN-46788/32 025 009, EN-46789, 32 025 008, KM-6349/87 92 335

Vauxhall/Opel: Astra-H (04-11), Astra-J (10-15), Cascada (13-15), Insignia (08-13), Signum (04-08), Vectra-C (04-08), Zafira-B (05-12), Zafira-C Tourer (11-15)
Saab: 9-3 (04-10), 9-5 (05-10)

Engine Codes:
1.9D CDTi: Z19DT, Z19DTH, Z19DTJ, Z19DTL
1.9D TiD: Z19DT, Z19DTH
1.9D TTiD: Z19DTR
1.9D XTTiD: A19DTR, Z19DTR
2.0D TiD: LBS/A20DTH


VSE243 VSE5005 VSE5881A VSE5886A VSE5005 VSE5875


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